Heshvan – חשוון

Thanksgiving Day

Associated Materials:

  • thanksgiving-service-pool.pdf Liturgy for Thanksgiving Day (USA), recorded by R. David de Sola Pool (thanks to David DeHerrera for retrieving it)


Note: The service has varied slightly from year to year.

  • Sing Mizmor Letodah, psalm 100 and the Shira.
  • Regular until after the Hazzarah.
  • No Tahanunim. Yehi Amonai Imanu.
  • Sefer Torah as regular, New York: preceded by the prayer for the Government and for the State of Israel. Philadelphia: prayers for the Government and State of Israel follows.
  • Sing En Kelohenu and Alenu.
  • After the Service, we recite the Hallel with festive melodies and without blessings starting from Halelu Et Amonai Kol Goyim.
  • New York: Usually the children and their parents watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade from the steps of the Synagogue on the Central Park West entrance.

December 3rd or 4th


Recite Barekh ‘Alenu instead of Barekhenu