Iyyar – אייר


The festivities are sometimes on a different day because of the observance of Yom Hazikaron and Shabbat.

Minhah Eve of Yam Ha’Atmaut

  • Regular no Tahanunim.


  • The service has varied slightly from year to year.
  • New York: In the large Synagogue with the choir.
  • We start with Psalm 107 as on Pessah or regular Mizmor.
  • Hashkibenu is the Shabbat and Yom Tob or daily one.
  • After ‘Amidah, Full Hallel with Berakhah.
  • After Kaddish Titkabbal, Psalm 114, Beshub instead of Essa Enai (Psalm 122).
  • The Kaddish by the Hazzan, Barekhu and Alenu.
  • Prayer for the Government, Congregation and the State of Israel.
  • Yigdal to the tune of Yigdal of Pessah.


  • Regular, until the Hazzarah except that we sing the Shira.
  • No Tahanunim.
  • The Full Hallel with Berakha is read with the festive melodies.
  • Kaddish Le’ela.
  • Prayer for the Government, The state of Israel and the congregation.
  • If Monday or Thursday, we say Yehi Amonai Imanu, etc.
  • At the offerings we add: LeZikhron Yom Ha’atsma-ut Limdinat Yisrael, SheHaKaddosh Barukh Hu Yatsmah Lanu Bekarob Geulah Shelamah.
  • Ashre, UbaLetsion, Kaddish Titkabbal.
  • Yehalelu is sung while returning the Sefer and Beshub (Psalm 126) from the Hekhal.
  • En Kelohenu is chanted with the festive melody.
  • Chant Alenu.
  • Conclude as regular.

Minhah for Yom Ha’Atmaut

  • Regular, sing Tehillat.
  • No Tahanunim.


  • Regular, No Tahanunim.